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Coffee Body Scrub

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 Coffee Scrub

Exfoliation done right is one of the most important steps of any skincare routine. You should exfoliate regularly in order to remove the dead skin cells and reveal your inner glow. There is absolutely no reason why you should let anything cover up your beautiful skin. 

Natural coffee scrubs are known to gently remove dead skin cells while infusing the skin with the wholesome goodness of coffee beans. So we have created this Pure Arabic Coffee Scrub that will meet all your exfoliation needs. You can embrace the delight of hydrated and luminous skin if you use this scrub reuailrlum 

We only use high-quality Arabica coffee beans for this formula because we believe that you deserve only the best.

Our scrub is fully natural and your skin will love every bit of it.

We have mixed multiple moisturizing ingredients with this formula so that you are left with velvety smooth skin by the time you are done with the exfoliation? Dry skin after scrubbing?  With our scrub, you will never have to worry about that! The goodness of coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oil will leave your skin highly moisturized.

If you are worried about acne or age spots on your face, do not fret because this scrub is the perfect solution. It will leave you with bright and glowing skin that is well-nourished and hydrated. Cellulite and stretch marks on the body can be frustrating to eliminate but this coffee scrub does it with ease. You can apply the scrub generously on your body and notice how your skin evens out over time. 

Here's why you will like this

  • Ingredients are freshly harvested and are used without any processing or refinement
  • Certified organic ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably
  • 100% Pure & Natural Handmade
  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Free from - colors, Paraben, Sulphate, Hexane, Mineral Oil

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates and polishes
  • help protect your skin against age related damage and reduces cellulite.
  • Restores natural glow
  • Nourishes and hydrates

Directions to use : Use twice a week. Apply on wet skin (full body) before bath and scrub for about 4-5 minutes. Add milk or rose water to the powder scrub. Use a stirrer to mix well before use.

 If the scrub feels too dry on your skin, add few drops of coconut oil for better results.

 Suitable For: All Skin Types

Caution:  Keep out of reach of children.

For external use only.

Store in a cool, dry place