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Pure Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree oil is know for its protective and therapeutic nature. Its calming and camphorous scent naturally boosts up immune system, health and fight infections. It has many effective antibaterial and antifungal properties. Used in many beauty products, treats acne, removes head lice, treats nail fungus and keeps home free from bugs.


Here's why you will like this

  • Ingredients are freshly harvested and are used without any processing or refinement
  • Certified organic ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably
  • 100% Pure & Natural, Premium Therapeutic Grade.
  • Extracted by steam distillation process
  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Free from - Paraben, Sulphate, Hexane, Mineral Oil

Benefits and Usage:

  • FOR ACNE CARE: Tea Tree Oil is the best acne spot treatment for all Skin types. Add couple of drops of Tea tree oil to your moisturizer and apply it on the acne affected area. You will get clearer skin.
  • FOR HAIR CARE: Add few drops of Tea Tree oil to carrier oil like coconut oil/ sesame and apply to hair roots to get rid of dandruff and enhances hair growth.
  • FOR FOOT CARE: Anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree oil is known to fight nail fungus and aids in relaxing the soles. Insect repellent: Put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball and keep at the places where insects are spotted the most.
  • LAUNDRY: Add few drops of Tea Tree oil in washing machine or washing water to deodorize the clothes during washing.
  • MOOD ENHANCER: To relax your body and mind, add a few drops of this essential oil into your bathing water. It refreshes your body and its aroma soothes your mind.

How to Use:

For Glowing Skin

Tea Tree Oil + Olive Oil + Vitamin E Capsule Use every night


For Acne Care

Tea Tree Oil + Aloe Vera + Fuller’s Earth Use weekly


For Skin Issues

Tea Tree Oil + Rose Water + Neem Powder Use regularly


To Control Dandruff

Tea Tree Oil + Sweet Orange Oil + Coconut Oil Use weekly

Suitable For: All Hair & Skin Types

Important:  Must be diluted with carrier oil for safe usage on hair and skin.

Caution:  Keep out of reach of children.

For external use only.